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11.12.2010 14:55:27
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This headset lets Bluetooth helmet-wearing motorcycle riders to talk to each other while riding and answer phone calls. While helmet-to-helmet intercoms are nothing new, this system is also capable of networking GPS audio, cell phone communication, and music systems-- creating enough multimedia mayhem to distract all but the most disciplined road warriors.

From now on you can talk and ride with your friends by way of our new two way wireless Bluetooth communication system, you can chat with your pillion. You can receive mobile phone calls with out pressing a button. You can listen music music from your A2DP Bluetooth enabled cell phone or MP4 Player or GPS device to hear instructions. All these hands free functionality is contained within one self contained module that attaches to the side of your helmet.
Following the latest rage, BMW announced at the Intermot their System V integral helmet with integrated BlueTooth technology. This permits you to telephone while riding your motorcycle, conditional on your mobile phone being equipped with BlueTooth.

The new system helmet V is a step into the future not just in the sense of sporty looks and product qualities: fitted with Bluetooth technology, this folding helmet enables wireless communication between riders.

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Bluetooth motorcycle Intercom

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